Are you struggling to focus? When was the last time you stood still?

By Liu Bathcelor


So this week I wanted to talk about ‘stillness’, and my first question/challenge for you is this; sit completely still for just 5 minutes!

I’m going to do it now before continuing with this blog, and I invite you to do the same…..

…..5 mins pass!….

…So how did you do? Did you manage to keep completely still without fidgeting?  What did you notice?

I initially felt very aware of my fast breathing and an itchy eye.  I felt an increased sensitivity to my immediate situation, specifically my physical body and the physical environment in which it existed.  But shortly after I noticed these this physical uncomfortableness it seemed to fade, and by the end of the 5 mins I felt much more relaxed, energised and focused on what I was going to write!

Buy sitting still for just 5 minutes, I felt able to observe both my personal environment and my thoughts about it, which then gave me clarity of what was ‘actually’ there.

I believe we have the same opportunity in our business and in our marketing.  If we stood still for a brief moment, what would we be able to observe?  And what clarity could we gain as a result?

I appreciate this can be a scary thing to do though, as being still can reveal problems (for example, my itchy eye!).  However, like a rock hidden beneath the surface of the sea, if we can ‘calm the waves’ enough to see these challenges, then we have a much better chance of avoiding and hopefully removing these potential issues right?

I personally find inspiration comes as a result of clarity, focus, and sense of direction – hence i’m not surprised in this feeling of rejuvenation I felt from just sitting perfectly still for a short period!

I feel the possibility here is not only the opportunity to find clarity in personal direction and decisions, but also to get better understanding and results in our business and marketing – by simply taking the time and stillness to observe whats working and what isn’t working.

If we rush around and try to do everything all at once, how will we know which action it was which had the impact… if we even notice the impact at all?!

So the possibility I present to you here seems almost too simple … just for a short time, try doing nothing!!  Just stand still and observe; both for yourself and for your marketing.

So tell me; what comes into focus when you stand still?

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