What’s your goal and, more importantly, WHO does this goal allow you to BE?

By Liu Bathcelor


Despite my emphasis in my sessions of speaking from the point of view of your ‘why’ – I believe goals are massively important … otherwise we’re at risk of just expressing our vision/ideas/dreams without any commitment to taking any action. Without tangible goals – created as an expression of our vision and values, how can we expect our audience to actually take any action and be able to engage with us and our mission at a level that makes a lasting difference?

This disconnect between ideas and actions is something I’ve realised that, until recently, I had falling into.  I had been so busy and excited sharing my message, my ‘why’, and how I can help others, that I’d been falling short of my commitment to actually doing so in a way that is lasting!  I’ve please to have had so many people attend my Introduction sessions, however considering the positive feedback, not as many had taken up the full program as has been my goal – and therefore I’ve falling short of delivering on my ‘why’, of helping others feel clarity and inspiration, to the level I would like.

Why is this?  I believe the answer lies in shifting the perspective of the goal; instead of using it as a ‘target’, using the goal as a ‘tool’ to give me the way I have to ‘be’ in order to fulfil my ‘why’.

As many of you may remember, I often say in my sessions about being the ‘space’ in which others can find their own clarity and inspiration.  Although I do feel I do provide this ‘space’ in the physical workshops I run, I have not been creating a ‘space’ for anything beyond this.  In my sessions I also often mention why I share my ‘why’/my answer to the questions I ask you, because I know being open in this way can be scary at times, and therefore I have to set an example and express a little part of myself, in order to make it ‘ok’ and ‘safe’ for you to do the same.

However I wasn’t then continuing to creative this ‘space’ and ‘openness’ after in the rest of my communications.  Noticing the way I was ‘being’ in the workshops themselves gave me the answers to how I needed to ‘be’ in order for the rest of my marketing to continue to be an expression of my ‘why’….in order to fulfil my goals.

So how can I change this – in line with my ‘why’?  Well I am hereby committing to regular emails featuring this, your first ‘Questions of the Week’ – with which I hope I will create for you a ‘space’ in which you can simply take a moment to consider, reflect and gain further clarity (both in the reading and if you choose to reply to the email/question), and creating a two-way openness and honesty by me first putting myself ‘on the line’ by sharing my answer to this same question.

Without the long term goal (of having my monthly group workshops full, and 5x 121 sessions per week if I’m going to be completely open!) then I would have no measure of whether who I was ‘being’, or wasn’t being in this case, was in line with the fulfillment of my ‘why’ (to give other clarity and inspiration, so they can be the fullest and purest expression of themselves….and therefore feel inspired and self-expressed myself).

So what is your goal?  And what do you notice about how you are ‘being’ when you achieve milestones to reaching it?  And what about when you feel like you are not making progress?  Ultimately its not the goal that will have you achieve the results you’ve set yourself (ie. Customers will not come to you because you’ve set the goal of them coming to you!), but rather its about ‘what’ and ‘how’ the goal causes you to have to ‘be’ (ie. Approachable, helpful, professional, etc) as an expression of and in fulfillment of your ‘Why’

So….. what’s your Goal?  And who does it allow you to be?

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