By Liu Bathcelor


You’ve probably heard me say many time; my ‘why’ is to inspire people.

But how the held do I do that?!  How do I even inspire myself?  And how do I help others unlock inspiration in themselves.

And then how do I motivate and inspire others to take park in my workshops and programs, so that I can inspire them?!

Now that’s one hell of a challenge right?  And I assume if you looked you’d probably find you had similar questions (inserting your emotional goals in place of my word ‘inspiration’).

But even if I could ask ‘you’ – the reader – my potential customer – would you know?  Would you know how to unlock inspiration in yourself?  Surely if you did, then you wouldn’t need my help or my services right?!

When we look deeper into the emotional drivers and goal for how we want our customers to feel (by buying our product or service) – when we take on the challenge of fulfilling a our vision and values to create a positive impact or change in the world through our business (as opposed to just ‘selling a product or service) – then of course there are no single, easy, ‘textbook’ answers

So you may say “well why focus on the vision/values then, and instead just sell your product” – and yes, of course, you can do that – but then you will continue to just sell a ‘standard’ product or service, just like everyone else (which never has any real value or impact, and therefore you have to keep plowing tones of money into marketing and paid advertising!).  However if you can come even just a inch closer to that question of (in my case) “how do I unlock inspiration in others?” – then you REALLY will have a something people will see VALUE in, and therefore will be happy to pay for.

So how do we find the answer if it’s not in a textbook?

For me, the answer is to treat the questions and the ‘unknowns’ as an EXPERIMENT.  Become a scientist for THAT thing, that question, that ‘why’, that just really fascinates you (both because you want to understand/experience it yourself and because you want to provide it for others).

And the exciting thing is – my business, the market… even YOU – are part of this experiment!  It’s an experiment I know I will never find a single answer or solution for; just more and more evidence to piece-by-piece fine tune what I do, and the number people and degree to which I can unlock inspiration others.

From this point of view, everything I do – every conversation, every piece of marketing, even every rejection and every ‘false start’ becomes about the LEARNING – as even something that might otherwise be considered a ‘failure’ or a ‘waste of time’ is giving me more evidence to lead me closer and closer to understanding my topic completely.

And as someone who loves to learn, explore challenges and solve problems, this becomes a much more exciting and empowering way for me to approach my marketing and business in general.

So what is your biggest unknown in your business and your marketing?  And what value does your understanding of it allow you to provide your customers?  Now consider EXPLORING that question the real reason you do what you do; with LEARNING being the goal … and see how much more inspiring your marketing challenges!

Let me know!

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