Oleia Leclercq is French and she loves her food. Prior to being diagnosed with gluten, wheat and lactose intolerance, she led a very food and drink orientated life that was based on the best of the best. After countless days searching the net trying to find a shop, supplier or online store in the UK that could satisfy her craving she came back empty handed and started Yummy No Gluten.

Oleia: I suffer from multiple food intolerance with the prime one being Wheat and Glute, Add to that Lactose, yeast, fish, shellfish and seafood, it did not leave much for me to add to the shopping list. As I have so many, i wanted to eat well, yet healthily. I tried so many things, with packaging promising so much but yet the end results lacking, so I started to look for things that were of organic origin as to not compromise on the quality and ease the effect of my intolerance, but nothing was out there! I therefore started looking elsewhere including across the pond and BINGO! I found all that I needed, but the cost of shipping them over was utrageous unless you bought large quantity. Hence Yummy No Gluten


I have all sorts of products, but I try and get them from the country of origin, I work directly with the producers in France and Belgium and with major Italian distributor for that side of the products. You can find anything from sauces, pasta, condiments, ready meals, flours mixes, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, Low calorie natural sugar  etc… and if I do not have it and you are a serious shopper I will try get it for you –


Organic, Local: I do believe in Organically grown products as they would be free of toxin which is basically poisonous to your body and if you suffer form additional food allergies/intolerance this is the best way to go forward. I also believe in locally grown products, but often you have no choice but to go elsewhere (but still organic), simply because the climate or the origin of the product would lose it’s je ne sais Quoi that goes with each food item!! I buy from local markets as much as I can, and if from supermarket, I buy organic and products that come from sustainable source.


Folkestone: It is a thriving place, it is attracting a lot of attention with it’s love with the art, its regeneration and proximity to major cities. Folkestone will be the town to be in and if you do not jump on the wagon now, you will have missed your train!!! What I most want it is for the town not to lose its identity and quirkiness.



FB: www.facebook.com/yummynogluten -Twitter: @yummynogluten

Yummy No Gluten deliver free to Folkestone, Hythe, Seabrook and Hawkinge

You can meet Oleia every thursday at the Collective Market

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