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Cathy Burton and Andi Elliott are partners in life and the creation and delivery of Lime Bar Cafe. After having met in North Yorkshire some 30yrs+ Andi and Cathy came down to Folkestone together permanently in 2014.

Andi : Both Cathy and I have been involved in events for a number of years, myself as a practising visual artists and in other work such as a national project manager for refugee support and of course we both have a long interest in music including working with noise collectives and sound makers during our time in the north of England. Cathy has also had a long term interest and involvement in performance, dance and is a consummate percussion enthusiast.



The thought of developing a project like the Lime Bar Cafe came about as the condensation of operating several stand alone events both large and small and a strong interest in the provision of a community space. Though we had developed plans for larger community multi venue ideas, our funds were limited . As such we felt that we would like to try and develop a smaller cafe / venue. Lime Bar Cafe was born. Our experience in the practical running of a bar was limited (though I did start my venue involvement way back in the eighties working in the original Wembley Stadium) other than that we had no bar/cafe experience. This has led us through a rapid and inclined learning curve!



Lime? It came from and is reflected in the origin of a Granada interest in ‘Liming’ which could be distilled into : hanging out/socialising in an informal relaxing environment, especially with friends, telling stories, eating, creatively engaging with each and other people… Actually it could be seen as a Metaphor for Building Social Capital! This is of strong interest to us. We feel it supports the top down development Folkestone has, in that we looked to develop a space for those local to Tontine Street and the lower East Cliff area of Folkestone which is where we live and felt was lacking in places to meet and engage.



Art and Music? Our experience in more fringe areas of music and particularly experimental and free folk, has meant over the years we have had to travel to seek exponents of that particular genre. By doing this we have built up a lot of friends and connections. We continue to support this now, in that we look to develop relations and where possible ‘twin’ with other venues across the UK and wider Europe. In doing so we have made a lot of friends and
have become more informed of wider musician circles, individual artists and other promoters. A goal we have always held high is to try where possible, to bring artists into Folkestone as much as possible. As such we seem attracted to musicians and artists recommended by other european experimental enthusiasts and friends. There is also a balance held at Lime Bar to engage local artists and musicians and try where possible to encourage artists with an idea to realise themselves. We do this by offering the Lime Bar space to them on the days we are closed. This has led to the development of a shorts film festival and more recently the creation of a local theatre group. Both of which are happy to perform in Lime Bar.



Food? We understood that there are many food outlets in our local vicinity, so we look to provide a balance of home made and best quality sourced food produce. We look to reflect the seasons, from fruit infused salads and pancakes to more sustainable ‘body’ food! Cathy makes an interesting daily soup (mainly vegetarian) and has just introduced her Granny’s Beef and Ale Stew with Dumplings for example…Yummy! We always offer a high standard of cakes and sweet things making sure a gluten free option is on the menu.



Folkestone? Folkestone has always had a ‘garrulous’ nature, conversations with people you have never met before has always been easy. We feel that this attitude has continued and with the increasing press interest in our town and an increased movement away from London towards the coast the town is pulling in some strong people; people with ideas and creative drive. This has led to an increase in pride from those that now live here, however there is still some work to be done to get better engagement between groups responsible for developing artistic pursuits . It still feels a little fractured at times for some exponents.



Best walk
Our best seaside walk in Folkestone is The Warren, hands down! We feel like shipwreck survivors walking on a wild and untamed beach.

Best shopping place
The Old High Street. All independents doing their own creative sourcing.

Best Fish and Chips
Pappas on Sandgate Road…Crisp, fresh and delicious, we love ‘em!

Address: 46 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1JU 
Contact: 01303 488433 – Email:
Opening times: Monday & Tuesday: closed
Wed: 5pm until 22:30pm – Thurs: 5pm until 23:00pm
Fri & Sat: 11am until 22:30pm – Sunday: 11am until 20:00pm

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Twitter LiMEBarCafe



  1. How totally brilliant! Cathy and Andi, I have only visited your place once as I live in Deal, but am so hoping to return to my home town very soon. I always watch out for you on FB and recommend you to people who have yet to learn of your eclectic, cosy, friendliness. Keep up the good work. Louise.

    • What a lovely testament Louise! Thank you so much your more than welcome any time and we hope to see you when you’re next in Folkestone XXX

  2. The most wonderful bar and I will be for ever in debt to them for saving my life that one day when starving and tired no other cafes would let me in or serve me food with my little fluffy pooch hound ! Friends for life 🙂 xxxx

    • Thank you Lou you are always welcome and we love your dog!! looking forward to seeing your gig too!

  3. The Lime Bar is one of our favourite places to visit.. lovely hosts, great entertainment, always a great evening! Love it, well done Cath and Andi, pleased to say ‘our friends’!

  4. You simply could not ask for a more warm and friendly welcome and environment. Added to this, a constant procession of creative and interesting events and people – lovely!

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