Shane Record is a self-taught artist. He studied French, Sociology and Law at university but always painted alongside as it was something he enjoy doing. By the time he was 30 he was able to turn fully professional.

Shane: “I had been living in Berlin for three years and I wanted to come back to England. I came back to my hometown of Folkestone with a view to finding a job in London, but liked it here and stayed. I love being by the sea and never tire of it, and the local area is rich in subject matter for an artist. I set up my gallery in The Old High Street in 2005.



Folkestone is where I live and I wanted to reinvent the nature of ‘local scenes’ – so not doing twee, sentimental paintings of the local area but more to represent the mixed fortunes of the town to resonate with the people who live here.



I take many photos to use as source material however I usually alter the composition and subject to get closer to an emotional memory. I spend a long time drawing the subject, paying particular attention to the light so that by the time I start painting I have studied the light and consequently the atmosphere of the scene closely.



I work with a palette knife. I enjoy the immediacy of the medium. Changing colours is swift and the medium is quite physical so it lends the work a lively and dynamic quality. Palette knife painting often comes with a time limit as you can’t paint once the paint has set. This means you have to be bold and enables you to remain close to your original intention. Also, a palette knife allows you to vary the texture of the paint to create more visual effects.



Folkestone: I think Folkestone will continue to grow and regenerate and its cultural offering and attraction with strengthen. I would imagine I’ll still be here. I expect my work will be quite different by then – it’s very different to what it was 10 years ago!


Shane Record Paintings

19-21 The Old High Street, Folkestone CT20 1RL
Tel: 01303 240452 & 07980 579301


Twitter: @shanerecord

Facebook: Shane Record Paintings

Instagram: shanerecordpaintings

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