Maggie, Beth and Bean have have setted up the Folkestone Food Assembly, an online platform where you can order local, organic, spray free & ethical produce, then collect in person at a weekly market on tuesday from 5pm till 7pm. You’ll find great products direct from quality farms around Kent. Vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, cheese, bread and more.

Here are the producers: Landews Meadow Farm, Walmestone Growers, Brockmans Farm Produce, Hodmedod, Marsh Produce, Whole Worl Food, Partridge Farm, Chegworth Valley, Troo Granola, Docker Fermentation.


Bean: Maggie & her friend Tessa started Mannafesto mid 2016, which ran on the harbour arm over the summer, selling organic fruit & veg. As the summer came to an end they decided it wouldn’t work to continue there over the winter. Maggie called a meeting with interested people to try to decide as a group on ways forward as Manifesto hadn’t quiet managed to achieve what they wanted (and was a huge work load). We considered forming a ‘buying group’ but all still had dreams of Folkestone having its own weekly organic farmers market. Beth had visited Food Assembly’s and this seemed like the best way forward for us – as the orders are made online it means the producers have guaranteed sales. It would of been impossible for us to convince producers to come to a standard market as Folkestone simply didn’t have an established, reliable customer base.

Food assembly ? It started in France, where there are now over 700 assemblies. Most European countries have Food Assemblies, with just over 60 in the UK – we are the first in Kent!


Local consumption ? I was really excited to move to Kent as most of the produce I was buying at my farmers market was being produced in Kent. I was so surprised when I got here that is was really hard to buy organic produce, and nearly impossible to get organic meat – particularly if you don’t have a car!

I believe every one has the right to quality food – and to me this means fresh, local, organic produce.

There are so many huge problems in the world right now, but small actions in our daily habits can make big changes. By shopping from local, independent producers we are feeding ourselves the food we deserve and feed our local economy.

Maggie calculated that if the Folkestone Food Assembly ran at its current capacity for the next year than would mean £75,000.00 being reinvested into the local economy. If all our members placed orders that number would quadruple!


Community is the futur ? I believe that community itself is a vehicle for change, we should really value & encourage opportunities to commune – what greater resource of knowledge than your neighbours!



Folkestone ? Folkestone is a town on the cusp of great things. There’s so many community initiatives starting to bubble up and make waves; Cantiaci, Folkestone & Hythe Transition Town, Folkestone Soup. If these initiatives and supporters can work together that is a really powerful force.


Best bar: The Lime Bar, became my living room before Folkestone was even my home.

A personality of Folkestone: Tiggi – the best pianist in town.

Best walk: The warren

Best coffee shop: Steep Street

Best kids activity: Block 67 or the Adventure playground

Best gallery: Space Gallery




49 Tontine St

CT20 1BN Folkestone / 07504670558

Facebook / instagram: Fstone / Foodtwitter: @FstoneFood

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