Dolly Doowop is a well known DJ in Folkestone. She plays the sounds that get the party started. Retro tunes from R’n’B, Soul, Northern, Motown, Disco, Funk, Ska, Reggae through Showtunes & 90s. She drives the night with infectious energy and Go-Go dancing, a musical trip from the kitsch to the credible.

Pic by Ken Krash

Dolly: I teach Performing Arts to teenagers with learning difficulties on weekdays and I am a DJ at the weekends.


The beginning ? I was involved in the 1940s swing dance scene and performed in a Lindy-Hop dance troupe and Charleston dance duo. I set up a rock n roll club with a friend which I brought to Folkestone, but started Dolly’s Dance Club so I wasn’t tied down to a single genre.


Music ? Dolly’s Dance Club plays music across all genres, from James Brown to Bowie, Disco to 90’s – as long as you can dance to it! Some of the music I have had for years, but I am constantly discovering new things, such as Afrobeat and Bollywood and the odd curveball.


© Tom Blanchet

Fashion ? I enjoy dressing up for Djing; some of my outfits include a cape made from feathers, a satin jockey outfit, a retro Adidas Luge suit and Lederhosen.


Folkestone ? I love living in Folkestone, I have been here for 5 years now, and love the way it is developing culturally and socially. There’s a lot of energy in the town.


A hidden place in Folkestone: The overgrown Martello Tower at the end of The Leas.

A Personality of Folkestone: Disco Terence and his light-up walking sticks.

Something you would only see in Folkestone: A Champagne bar in a Lighthouse, and a DJ in a seagull.

Something funny in Folkestone: The Comedy Club at Dance Easy.

Best walk: The Warren from fossil beach to the end.

Best Bar: Cockles, the tiny bar on the Harbour Arm.

Best restaurant: Zen Café and Sunday Roast at The View.

Best Fish and Chips: Papas.

Best Ice cream: Bella Gelato.

Best Coffee shop: The Chambers

Best concert venue: The Chambers, the Harp restrung, The Waiting Room

Best shopping place: Folkestone Food Assembly

Best apparel: Bounce Vintage

Best kids activity: Coastal Park

Best artist: So many, but Matt Rowe is always surprising.

Best Gallery: Space

Best Health and well-being: Core Therapies, Tontine St and Renata’s Living room (Samadhi Yoga).

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Instagram  – DOLLY_DOO_WOP

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